Calgary 1 – Nashville 2

It’s now a foregone conclusion that the Calgary Flames will not be in this year’s edition of playoff hockey. The simple reason is the team simply cannot play consistent hockey. For example in tonight’s Game day put in a 20 minute effort and got the result of another loss. For 40 minutes they failed to put up a fight. There was no pushback, no offense, no forecheck, no nothing.

Here’s the post game vignette that essentially describes every game this team plays.

  • If there’s one thing that Brian Burke is right about if that esteem lacks grit and size. The likes of Raymond, Hudler, Monahan, Gaudreau, nearly top to bottom in this lineup there’s an absence of grit. Floors are pushed around all game and had no fight in response.
  • Sean Monahan they have one the last two visits awesome again but he lost three before that in the dying minutes. How the coach continues to play someone who is stone cold in the dying minutes is beyond me.
  • There was an entire lineup shake up and it didn’t help generate any offence with only four lousy first period shots.
  • Power play was once again atrocious.
  • I can’t imagine Hudler, Raymond, Wideman being on this team in a week’s time, something’s gotta give and those pieces are non contributors.
  • One of these days we’ll witness Monahan throw a hit and take a slapshot….maybe next year.

At this rate the team will dragged her feet in the sand for the remainder of the season. There’s little to play for all the than a couple of contracts. As for fans, we can look forward to a dying season coupled with an ownership group that’s going to ramp up efforts to pry our tax money to build their new arena. It’s not looking like a great winter after all.