This game had everything. Excitement, scoring, no defence, terrible goaltending, overtime, and a shootout. Calgary went up 4-0 in the first but squandered it off of some ill timed penalties. It’s easy to blame the refs, and they were too noticeable, but Calgary shot themselves in the foot. What’s been particularly noticeable is how Hartley is killing the team mid-season, more on that in the next post. Here’s the post-game

  • First game for Bouma, Monahan, and Gaudreau, who are benched in the previous game against the Maple Leafs. Baby came out fast in the first period, but were mostly absent thereafter. Neither was a threat in overtime and neither scored in a shootout.
  • Smid played under 10 minutes and should’ve been a -3 player. Terrible all game.
  • Bennett with great goals, but also terrible penalties.
  • The entire team, terrible penalties.
  • Giordano, terrible penalties, and he took out Ramo after pushing a Sharks player into the net.
  • Hiller stood tall and may be carrying the mail the rest of the way after the Ramo injury late in the third. He was unstoppable in the OT frame.
  • Scoring from the 3rd and 4th lines still non existent
  • Jones left the game in the first with a knee injury (taking a puck to the knee).
  • Referees gave SJ NINE powerplays including TWO full 5v3s.