How about that for identity?! A few losses here and there, and two games where a team ‘strengthening’ their identity had little to show.

You know that feeling when you have a kid who’s clearly crappy at anything sports related, and even though they have shameless enthusiasm, when they start playing you can only keep your fingers crossed they don’t horribly embarrass themselves? That’s the Calgary Flames.

There’s little to show with an ‘improved’ lineup and 14 games under their belt. Here are the performances over the California swing.

B+ – third line. Also, A- for Tkachuk, the 18 year old is the only one who wants to hit and muck it up on the ice. Softie Monahan won’t hurt a fly on ice, Gaudreau lost without a little room.

B+ Matt Stajan, doing what Matty does. You can’t build a franchise without a Matty Franchise.

B+ Engelland. Plays tough and leads the rush when he can (and scores goals, he leads all D men).

Everyone else gets an ‘E’ for ‘effort’.

Giordano, Gaudreau, and Monahan, all with ‘F’s for their performances. Gaudreau might be second in scoring, but he’ still lost. I’d throw Brodie in the mix but he gets the aforementioned ‘E’.

A few days off until Dallas. A team looking for their way, but with enough firepower to make this young team look minor league.