The Calgary Flames have had a significant February month. Up until February, very few fans thought they had a chance of making the postseason. Now they are threatening to take third (or dare I say second) place in the Pacific division. The team continues struggles to play a solid 60 minutes from Park drop until final horn, but if there is a time for their game to come around, that time is now.

In the final month of the season they will play divisional rivals, which makes many games a potential four-point affair.

Here are the post-game thoughts from tonight’s game.

  • how on earth that first goal counts is beyond me. The LA Claire pushes Brian Elliot’s pad into the net and the referees call as a goal. I guess I just don’t know the rules. The other possibility is that officiating this year has been abysmal.
  • Brian Elliott for his part is finally coming into the number one slot we all expected him to be at the beginning of the season.
  • secondary scoring is going to emerge as a problem, but nobody can argue that Michael Ferland is taking the revenge of his opportunity on the top line. He scored the game-tying goal after winning a big hit; more of that please.
  • quite for most of the game, Backlund got into the action setting up TJ Brodie’s breakaway goal to win in overtime.
  • sucks to be LA, who gave up assets to trade for Ben Bishop, who so far is 0-0-1.

The Flames get a break until Friday when they faced the Detroit Red Wings. The majority of this month games will be played at home so get out there and cheer on the home team.