The Calgary Flames have acquired 35-year old Mike Smith from the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for the rights to Chad Johnson, unsigned prospect Brandon Hickey and a conditional third-round draft pick before the NHL’s trade freeze kicked in Saturday afternoon. The third-round pick will become a second-round pick if the Flames qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs next season.

Arizona retained 25 per cent of Smith’s $5.67 million deal, which has two seasons remaining.

This trade is basically Mike Smith for $4.25 million (two more years) and a 3rd round pick since if they were moving away from Johnson anyways, that’s not a loss, and we’re deep on D so losing Hickey isn’t a big deal either.

Smith competes hard, hates to lose, and adds a unique puck moving option at the back.

In an interview with Fan960, Treliving stated they worked hard checking all options, so you assume he was looking at NY, Pittsburgh, et al., this was the best deal out there. The asking price was likely too high, or a backup goalie that has promise, but doesn’t answer the #1 position.

Now, who will back him up? Elliot??? :D