Only one thing is working for the Flames and that’s the goalie. Making 43 saves, 21 of them in the first period alone, this team is completely lost. Half of the forwards are lost. The D are hemmed in their own end and are lost. The goalie, well for a change he’s not lost, he’s stealing wins.

The Flames should’ve been blown out tonight folks. The usual lacklustre squad showed up to play, their first game in 4 days. The usual suspects were dragging the team down. Troy Brouwer, Matt Stajan, Lazar, etc. Just a complete disaster on ice. Somehow they managed to stick it out to overtime, in fact, they took the lead with 4 minutes to spare, but squandered that in the usual fire drill in their own zone.

It’s clear the team lacks identity, lacks bottom six scoring, lacks a noticeable connection to the ‘system’, yet somehow win games.

Something still needs to change. They’re not in good shape despite a fun OT win.

Can’t put my finger on it, but changes need to happen. Maybe Jagr will spark something, but it’ll have to be bigger than him.