The Flames should’ve stayed on the plane. Starting a long road trip, Calgary put up their worst effort of the year one game after putting up their best. The post game summary will be on the Twitter feed @flamesstamps

The question will be what the league will do after the mini-brawl that saw the referees hand Detroit, somehow, a 5 minute PP. It was a disgusting display, yet what the NHL head office does is anybody’s guess, they have different rules for American teams.

here’s the video

Here’s what I saw:

I’ve seen pretty much everything in this league. The whole Witkowski losing his mind, a good chasing Kulak, throwing him like a rag dog, challenging Hamonic after. Looked like hockey-star Donald Brahsear. I’ve seen bench brawls (non with the stupid Detroit arena layout mind you). I’ve seen phantom spears, I’ve seen fights, I’ve seen leaving the bench (glad Brouwer held back Monahan). I’ve seen players from the bench throw punches. But I’ve NEVER seen a player in his own bench, pinning another player down, and punching him in the face repeatedly. Never seen that.

If you haven’t heard yet here are the results from the brawl.

  • Witkowski the Plug was suspended 10 games. Everyone expected this, although Witkowski didn’t because, he’s a plug I guess. “didn’t know the rule…” is what he said.
  • Tkachuk suspended one game. The league wanted to send a message so they suspended him for the double misconduct (repeat offender) for his ‘spear’. That makes the NHL look bad for upholding the ‘spear’. They lack consistency.
  • The worst and more egregious display was Mantha on top of Hamonic feeding him punches. Depart of Safety didn’t even have a conversation with Mantha. That’s the joke.