At this point the Flames have to play about .800 hockey to get into the post-season. Ya. Not going to happen. Playing tough competition in Pittsburgh, here are a few key takeaways.

  • The D tightened things up led by the Captain. They need to continue upping their game though down the stretch.
  • The top line is abysmal. Gaudreau can’t generate chances by himself. A RW would help and right now GG only solution is Troy Brouwer. Just senseless. This is what happens when you have a player run room. The popular players, regardless of their play on ice, get preferential treatment.
  • Gaudreau with the game on his stick. MISSES WIDE. Missing wide is the MO for this group. What a joke. Glorious chances and they miss the net. I’m looking at you Dougie.
  • Gillies isn’t ready for the big time. he caused 2 and almost 3 goals. He’s the biggest sucker on the ice. As in, he bites HARD on any fake shot. Calgary wins this game with better goaltending.

Don’t keep yourself up at night watching this team folks. It’s fundamentally flawed. But we keep coming back for punishment because there might be a sliver of hope…..

Sitting for the Flames, Glass and Stewart. Why either are on the team beats every single fan except management.