Do you remember the Young Guns era? That team was really bad.

Like, really bad.

The Flames since March (probably since February (probably since January)) have been WORSE then the Young Guns. In fact, they have been playing as the worst team in the NHL. Pretty terrible for a cap team that was supposed to hit 100 points. HA! With off-season changes just around the corner, fans need to get through the final slow death of this team. Actually, most fans have tuned out since there’s nothing worth watching.

But if you’re going to miss the playoffs, if you’re going to crap the bed, at least beat your provincial rival, please.

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Calgary can’t score. They’ve been missing their top 3 forwards, and now the entire 2nd D pair. Goals have been hard to come by. So too effort. When the likes of Troy BRouwer continue to take a regular shift, and then some, one has to wonder where goals will ever come from.

Well for a change Calgary managed to dig deep in the well and find some secondary scoring. Hathaway, who hasn’t scored in like 50 games (Vancouver game was th elast?) hit a SH tally. Backlund, and league leading for D men Dougie ‘I just started playing on the PP’ Hamilton potted another.

Although it was nail biting until the end, the Flames managed to take bragging rights after a spirited tilt with the Oil, who as fate would have it, will win this year’s draft lottery again, and curse themselves for another 10 years in the basement of the West division. As for the Flames, they’ll be shining off their clubs just in time for all of this snow to melt.