Bill who?

Two weeks ago few even knew the name. Now in a whirlwind of activity, he’s the new head coach. For those of you who don’t know, Bill Peters was behind the bench in Carolina for 4 years. Before that, an assistant in Detroit behind Mike Babcock. Oh ya, in true Calgary Flames fashion, a good ol Albertan boy too (grew up in Three Hills).

OK, so why did things move so fast to get a coach on a multi-year deal who’s had no success in the NHL?

Beats me.

But you know that it must have been in the works for some time, month perhaps. BT wouldn’t move this quick if there wasn’t a plan and an assessment done months ago.

What concerns me about the whole thing is what little (on the outside) due diligence went into the hire. It doesn’t fill me with confidence when BT says, “he was the only candidate”. WHY? We want the best, isn’t worth checking possibilities (even if pickings were slim?)

We know one thing for sure, unless there’s huge success, this will be Brad Treliving’s last hire as GM.

Here’s some radio interviews in case you want to get caught up to speed.

P.S. The arena talks are going to heat up again with a new council at the helm. But CESC is playing coy, probably already doing the work to move the team….. fans still have a bad taste in their mouth from October, so hopefully another full season won’t be affected by ownership.