I can’t believe it. Can you? All of the rumors that Dougie was going to be traded, and the BS that Brad Treliving said that Dougie wasn’t going to be traded, amounted to Dougie Hamilton being traded.


A stud RH defencemen just entering his prime. For who? Downgrades.

If we want to look at this trade from a glass half empty POV then we have:

Flames Trade:

1st Rounder
2nd Rounder
2nd Rounder
Dougie Hamilton
Michael Ferland
Adam Fox

Carolina Trades:
Noah Hanafin
Elias Lindholm

In order for this trade to remotely work for the team a LOT of ‘what ifs’ need to pan out.

Moving Ferland makes sense as I don’t see him exceeding his goal total again. Although the Flames get younger we bring in players with unknown ceilings. Overall, the Flames downgrade on D and also give up a huge asset in Adam Fox. Apparently Fox won’t resign with Calgary, but again, that’s purely conjecture at this point. The addition of Fox, a blue chip prospect, makes this deal a clear win for Carolina, and work for the Flames if the ‘what ifs’ pan out.

What do you think of the trade? Does the team get better? RIght now, no. Time will tell how bad this will be.