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If you’re anything like me, growing up in the “Young Guns” era when the Flames were hot trash, Jarome Iginla emerged as the saviour, and nearly capped off a storybook 2004 season with a Stanley Cup (we won). He was the hero the team needed to essentially save NHL hockey in the city. He was also the type of human, humble and excellent, that endeared him to fans. It’s too bad he now calls Boston home, as one wonders if he’ll become one of the mainstay alumni that live in Calgary. It was also a shock and groan post-retirement that Brian Burke let slip the Flames were close to signing Iginla instead of Jagr. Despite popular opinion, I would’ve been delighted to see him return. His final months in LA showed he has fire left. Plus the Jagr thing, that didn’t really work now did it?

Nonetheless, to Jarome, you did so much for this city, you are one of the greats in the game, and I thank you. Enjoy retirement.

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