Welcome to a new segment on FlamesForum: NHL sweater reviews. Our friend Adam at @adams_sweater_reviews delivers his review of NHL sweaters for your reading pleasure.

jets third jersey

Firstly, we should reserve judgment until we see how they look with the rest of the uniform. Simple designs often look underwhelming on their own, but great when combined with the rest of the gear. This is quite common with soccer and football uniforms.

My initial impression of these was that they are underwhelming. I appreciated them more after I read up on some of the design choices and subtle features.

Aviator blue is the real star of the show here. The simple design let’s the colour really pop. Aviator/Powder blue is a unique colour that always looks great in sports. (When I say unique I am choosing to ignore that weird NHL fad a few years back when every team rolled out a powder blue jersey. I remember Pittsburgh and Florida for sure, maybe some other teams did too). I wish these had just a teensy touch of red. That would give them the same palette as the Royal Canadian Air Force, which I know the Jets draw a lot of inspiration from. Maybe a tiny red maple leaf somewhere would have worked? Or a subtle red outline on the script? How about some red on the helmets, shorts or socks?