ducks 3rd jersey

Welcome to a new segment on FlamesForum: NHL sweater reviews. Our friend Adam at @adams_sweater_reviews will now deliver his review of NHL sweaters for your reading pleasure. 

These are bad.

I think the Ducks tried too much with these sweaters. They wanted elements of the original uniforms so we got the duck mask logo, purple and green, and the diagonal waist stripe. They wanted elements of the current uniforms so we got black and gold, and the webbed foot. They also wanted to follow the latest fads so we have a black sweater with a tie up collar and a shoulder yoke. Put all of that together and we are left with an in-cohesive mess.

I love that they brought back the original duck mask logo in all its glory. Just as importantly, I love the diagonal waist stripe. This was an essential feature of the original Mighty Ducks uniforms, and elements of it were retained when they switched up their uniforms in 06-07. As far as I know, they are the only team in the league to consistently wear a diagonal waist stripe, so its great to see it back.

Unfortunately, the shoulder yoke ruins the diagonal stripe. In previous iterations the diagonal waist stripe worked because the top half of the uniform was clean. On these new sweaters the diagonal stripe combined with the shoulder yoke creates all sorts of visual problems. The front of the sweater is now broken up into 3 uneven pieces with unparalleled lines. On top of that we’ve got an oversized logo crammed into a relatively small space. The mess is completed by a totally unnecessary tie up collar.

The Ducks decided to combine their old colours with their new colours. While it’s a cute idea, it does not work at all. This sweater has way too many colours: purple, green, black, gold, orange grey, etc. Look at the arm stripes. I cannot think of any other team in the NHL that has FIVE different colours on its sleeves. Its way too much, and they are not colours that look good together either.

Lastly, its always been a peeve of mine why Anaheim insists on black uniforms? This is a team that plays in ORANGE County, in sunny California, in the home of Disneyland. If any team ought to wear a vibrant uniform, its Anaheim!

What a mess!