That was a bad team, a bad team for nearly a decade.

A 9-1 loss in front of home fans who paid good money to see a complete meltdown. What’s there to say 10 games in other than this is a bad team that’s lost. It’s worse than last year despite BT’s attempts to build a team with deeper “identity”. Hasn’t happened. The number of times Gaudreau gets plastered into the end boards with zero response from the team. Ya, there’s no winning identity.

Players this year were supposed to add tot he team, have bounce-back seasons, but instead are picking up from their downward spiral (*cough* TJ Brodie). Goaltending is terrible, defence is terrible, the forwards can’t score , new free agent acquisitions are sitting or can’t score, the coach can’t decide on a line. The only thing going for this team is the fact it’s early in the season and there’s plenty of time to figure things out.

But as of right now people want to see this team in Seattle so we don’t have to suffer any more embarrassment.