Welcome to a new segment on FlamesForum: NHL sweater reviews. Our friend Adam at @adams_sweater_reviews will now deliver his review of NHL sweaters for your reading pleasure. 

avalanche third jersey

Love these for so many reasons.

This is the right way to blend classic jersey design with modern. The shoulder yokes, arm stripes and waist stripes make this instantly recognizable as a hockey sweater. They have modernized it by replacing the traditional three stripes on the arms and waist with one. They have updated the shoulder yokes by cutting them off at the arms (kind of like the Flames thirds a couple of years ago). The last modern touch is the two toned sleeves, which look fantastic.

Burgundy/blue is an amazing and unique colour palette that screams Colorado (for example, the Colorado Rapids in MLS use the same colour scheme). The Avalanche’s current primary logo is Super 90’s and in desperate need of an update. It was a trend in the 90’s that every logo was super detailed and had to cleverly incorporate both the team’s nickname and something to do with hockey. For example the Phoenix Coyotes logo was a coyote holding a hockey stick, and the Colorado Avalanche’s logo was an avalanche and a hockey puck. By today’s standards its super tacky and kind of “cartoony”. This new mountain logo is classy and clean, and a great throwback to the Colorado Rockies of the 70’s. The “C” inside the triangle looks a little awkward and cramped in my opinion. I am not sure how to fix that.

I love having just the one shoulder patch. In my opinion, the asymmetry is a cool little touch, but small enough to avoid making the sweater look imbalanced. As for the colours of the flag, I like that the bright yellow completely clashes with the rest of the uniform. It’s a small little pop, but its way off in the corner so its not overly distracting. I like flag patches when they contrast the jersey, but not when they blend in. Consider the Calgary Flames for example. The blue Alberta flag has no business being on that red jersey, so it’s a quirky, interesting feature. The red and white Canada flag on the other hand looks awful because its washed out by the fact the jersey itself its red.