Welcome to a new segment on FlamesForum: NHL sweater reviews. Our friend Adam at @adams_sweater_reviews will now deliver his review of NHL sweaters for your reading pleasure. 

canucks hoem jersey

These are my favourite sweaters in the league, which says a lot because the Canucks are my least favourite team. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they perfectly embody the teams history and the city they represent.

The colour palette is pleasing to the eye and the classic stripe pattern gives them a timeless feel.

In contrast to the classic stripes, the city name arched across the front is unprecedented in hockey, which keeps the design modern and interesting.

The colour palette, the orca, Johnny Canuck, and the stick-in-rink logo are all borrowed from Canucks jerseys of the past and perfectly integrated here.

The colour choice communicates that Vancouver is a lush city, the orca is an animal locals are proud of, and it’s drawn in an art style characteristic of the region.

My only criticism of this sweater is that the orca morphed with the letter “C” and the breaking ice looks a little cheesy. I think it would look classier if they ditched the word art and kept only the orca. I would like to see something similar to the Seahawks in the NFL, who have a fantastic logo that is not dissimilar.