Calgary 6 – Philadelphia 5 (OT)

How did it happen? One minute remaining, Rasmus Andersson’s clutch goal gave the Flames a chance….to score another just to tie. That’s right, down two goals heading into the final two minutes the Flames found a way to not only draw to within one, but TIE the game with 7 seconds left. 

The cardiac kids are back and in dramatic fashion. The 3rd period is Calgary’s period, leading the league with goals and come from behind wins thanks to their final frame play. 

THe ability to bounce back after a tough loss in Edmonton on the weekend, and maintain consistency despite the loss of key regulars, is a hallmark of a winning team. Calgary is doing it this year to the surprise of most fans. 

Of course, not everyone is on board. The top line is carrying the team with the second line with Matthew Tkachuck chipping in when they can. But from there there are problems. 

Mike Smith had another bad game which puts him back a step from his recent stellar play. He left in the third period due to injury (or sickness). The 4th goal he let in was terrible so not sure what’s up there.

Then there’s the likes of James Neal. We have to talk about Neal now. He’s kind of like pot stocks. Right now, when you think they can’t go any lower, they surprise you with another blood red day of losses. James Neal seems like he can’t play any worse, but he’s contributed nothing this season and tonight showed a new low in my opinion. Little offensive push and a huge defensive liability as well. He needs to figure out this game, as you can imagine, what this team would be if it had him scoring rather than playing worse than Troy Brouwer.