Still Surprised – Flames 2nd in League at All-Star Break

Still Surprised – Flames 2nd in League at All-Star Break

I’m surprised.

I shouldn’t be, but I am.

I’m used to decades of inconsistent Flames. And suddenly this team is good. I can’t even recall a time they were this good. I was too young. That shows you how long ago it was since the Calgary Flames were a legitimate threat to do some damage in the playoffs.

So is it time to relax and enjoy the ride? Enjoy, sure, but something in the back of my head doesn’t want to go all-in because I’m too afraid to get hurt again :P

Flames resume their winning ways Friday after over a week off. The rest will do them some good. What most fans are curious about is what the Flames do before the deadline.

The way I see it, there’s only room on the 4th line wing. I also think the success of the team wlil hinge on secondary scoring, ie. James Neal finally showing up. He’s a debacle beyond Troy Brouwer proportions. But something in me thinks he’ll pick it up just in time for clutch games.

One thought on “Still Surprised – Flames 2nd in League at All-Star Break

  1. It is a nice surprise for sure; and fans love it all the way.
    That said there are reasons for inconsistencies though. Primarily, Dennis Wideman had shouldered the blame for his team’s penalties. So, inconsistency is something I don’t blame the Flames for. Disallowed goals, favoritism maybe…but inconsistency should definitely not be on the list.

    2018-19 has been good to the Flames for sure, but what happens subsequently remains to be seen…..depending on how the ghosts reacts. And the fact remains that until the team receives the Stanley Cup, fans will never forgive or forget the debacle.

    Deadline is a worrisome issue though. The focus remains either on the top line or the fourth line. Truth be told, players are players and not machines. They can perform or not perform…That’s God’s will.
    James Neal is a great player; and is showing his talents.
    We are the CofRed that never dies.

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