YOU WANNA WIN PLAYOFF GAMES? Here are four EASY STEPS to make that happen, a recipe for any team tried and tested over the years.

4) 4th line production.

Mangiapane with the GWG. Hathaway almost had one off the cross bar minutes later. 4th line will sway a series.

3) Best players your best.

Top line is still MIA. But Johnny is active, only Monahan is asleep. He insists he’s not injured. We think otherwise. Tkachuck with a two goal performance. That’s what we need.

2) Special teams click.

Two PP goals. You don’t win in the playoffs without special teams clicking. PK also bailed us out with some lazy first period penalties.

1) Exceptional goaltending.

This was the biggest question mark, and it still is since consistency is key. But Mike Smith saved his only shutout performance this year for the right time. He’s dialled in and if his best hockey is now then we’re in for a long ride.

Yes, we got all four last night friends, now to rinse, wash and repeat.