We’re back!

Another 82 games await eager fans in the 2019-2020 NHL season.

Calgary faced their divisional and playoff rivals, the Colorado Avalanche. A game that looked very much like the beleaguered playoff series that the Flames dropped in five. In their 5-3 loss, the Flames now have a dubious distinction of losing consecutive opening game nights in a DECADE.

Things got off to a bad start at puck drop. 10 seconds in the refs decided to make a statement, and changed the complexion of the game from the get go. This kind of officiating is the type fans hate. Don’t change the flow of the game, don’t make your presence felt. Not these dudes.

Getting into penalty trouble with undisciplined play was the key to the loss.

Didn’t help the refs closed their eyes when least convenient, like the second Avs goal.

High-sticking? 4 officials completely missed it. You can’t challenge this play in the new rulebook since it happened in the neutral zone.

Some highlights.

David Rittich was in mid-season form.
Milan Lucic held his own, so looked slightly better than James Neal.
Top line produced.

The bad.

Second line MIA
4th line doesn’t look capable or strong. Might be a size issue here.
3rd D pairing was hosed all night.
Penalty trouble.

With this game in the bag, the Flames know what they need to fix in order to compete with faster and stronger teams. Whether they can dominate teams like this, however, is a different story.

Canucks in town on Saturday. That’ll be another doozy. Go Flames!