The Calgary Flames are sliding fast…into the basement of the Western Conference. With few notable changes in the lineup from last year, the former Western Conference Champs are struggling to string together 60 minutes, let alone another playoff run.

Last night in Carolina, if you had the misfortune of watching the game, you saw a solid first team period, and a complete debacle in the third.

No shots until the 12 minute mark in the third. Just a total turn around of competency displayed on ice. Every facet of the game less goaltending is in the dumps with more questions than answer.

This team, as it is, is not good enough.

You have to wonder what needs to happen to get things moving.

Brad Treliving only has so many moves left to try to get a small, lacklustry, gritless team in order. A major player move is the only piece left for the cap strapped.

What move would you make to right the ship?

Line juggling isn’t working. Pulling Jankowski from the lineup doesn’t work. Playing Lindholm everywhere doesn’t work.