It’s been a week and the Flames are playing a ton of hockey with little rest or practice time in between. Despite the hectic schedule, and subpar performance, somehow they sit three points out of first in the Conference. Albeit, they have played the most games with 18.

What kind of hockey have they been playing? Well frustrating hockey to be honest. Not that it hasn’t come with some exciting moments. You just have to sit through 50 minutes of boring terrible hockey and then wait for OT. Like in Nashville.

I was wrong y’all. The worst 40 minutes we ever witnessed incl. 2 SH goals. Johnny packed it in and Dave was getting lit.

Then a couple of lucky bounces, a third period, Tkachuk’s insane goal of the year,

And now the team has a reason to believe.

This is the catalyst folks.

That tweet when this happened with one second left in OT vs the Preds. Perhaps the goal of the season.

After they managed to string together a win vs Columbus thanks to goaltending, but lost Lucic to suspension. Then they were promptly beat up in Washington.

Then back at home yesterday after a road swing and the Flames looked like, well, the 2019-2020 Flames who suck.

But then once again, late game heroics capped with another clutch OT performance and late goaltending.

Is this play sustainable?


Are the Flames playing quality 60 minute hockey? No. Are there still under performers? Absolutely. TJ Boride is getting demoted and reduced ice-time every game. The D as a whole are not good enough. The forwards are not good enough. 5v5 the front line scoring is not good enough. The execution is not good enough.

Waiting until 2 minutes left and pulling out a victory in OT is not sustainable hockey. It’s not a way to get better or win games. eventually that catches up to you and lose more than you win.

So the coach knows very well what’s going on, and maybe the players do too, but the changes on ice don’t seem to be happening. No amount of line juggling is sparking the team into what they need most–consistency.