A torrid start and pace of games for the 2020 hockey season. It makes it seem like it could come to last man standing given the frequency of games and COVID protocols.

Oddly, Calgary has an extended break between games early in the season. What is a short in season compressed into a short timeframe, the games will have to be made up somewhere. Early, Calgary took points in the first three games with two wins and one overtime loss. The team itself looks like the flames of old with slightly more depth and an obvious upgrade in goal. Is that the difference needed for this team to hit the next level? There’s improvement but still a share of early inconsistencies. 5v5, secondary scoring, penalty trouble, a full 60 minute effort, all factors. But it’s easy to criticize early. Although there’s little time to play bad hockey, given the comparison to other teams in the northern division, Calgary seems slightly different in style. This year their peaks are a little bit lower, and their lows less frequent. That team maturity may be what’s needed to stay strong for the remainder of the year.