**EDIT, FLAMES FACE DALLAS MAY 3rd for the best of 7 series!***

When the season started did you predict at all the outcome of this season? The Calgary Flames a top of the Pacific Division? Careers from multiple players? We knew Darryl Sutter was going to lead the team to some level of improvement, but I don’t think anybody could’ve imagined the extent this team would improve. That means they are entering the playoff season both in control of their own destiny, and also with high expectations. Will the top line continue to deliver? All signs point to yes….Will secondary scoring show up? Players like Mangiapane, Toffoli, and Dube now are giving us more hope. Will the D shore things up during the post-season? There’s certainly more room for improvement/consistency here. Will goaltending stay consistent? Can’t see why not. Will the Flames, one of the heaviest team in the league, wear other teams down? Well, Nashville is one of the league leaders in PIM, and if last night’s game is any indication, this potential first round match will not only be exciting, but the Flames stated to flex their muscles. Thy can stand and thrash with the best of them, come out on top, AND win games.

There’s a swagger in town, and it’s a matter of how high the fever will go. Let’s hope for RED HOT! (Sorry, lame joke).