Broken clock, blind squirrel, blah blah blah. If it was April 1st you would’ve thought an April Fool’s joke was on deck. The Calgary Flames are in the last ditched stages of this year’s playoff race, and without a bonafide superstar stacking up points (unless your name is Toffoli) it’s the unusual suspects chipping in. Like much maligned Milan Lucic, who scored the prettiest goal he’s potted in maybe a decade.

Lucic is set to end the 22-23 season with a season low in penalty minutes. Although he’s the favorite whipping boy for fans, most understand it’s Sutter’s deployment of the 4th line that’s the real problem. Heck, some even would have him return next season for something a fraction of his current 5 million in salary.

Sniping the game winning goal was Michael Stone, returning after 20 games from injury, the 1-year contract man scored a beaut to give the Flames the late lead and eventual win. Calgary has problems beating basement dweller teams, so hopefully Chicago is a breeze, before they hit Winnipeg on Weds for what is likely the defining game of the season.