It was easy in the first quarter of the season to pick apart the lacklustre Calgary Flames. Nothing and nobody were working. But things have changed over the past two months, and if you follow me on Twitter you know it’s easier to find the faults than the wins. Well this past week were a lot of PR wins for the team, mostly attributed to the video content they released with the annual Dad’s trip. So for a change, let’s have a good laugh and smile cause, heck, sometimes this game is fun to watch!

Backlund celebrating his record tying games played in a Flames uniform.

How about the surprising resurgence of Blake “Goal”man? He has a new goal song courtesy of his dad who nicknamed him the ‘Texas Tiger’.


But that’s all after the now famously funny ‘Dad’s trip’. A two game (three if you count the first one at home) road trip to Phoenix and Vegas where the team posted two wins and a lot of laughs. Have a look on

I mean seriously, do you think the team was having this much fun under Sutter? No chance.


Oh ya, and Olive Kylington is making a comeback too. What a week!