Salty Flames fans have reason to be fuming a day after numerous questionable calls (or non-calls) that contributed to the Flames loss on home ice.

99 times out of a 100 this is a slash in the NHL.

Just asking for a little consistency in the officiating.
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The non-call led directly to a Leaf go ahead goal.

Now, did the officiating lose the game for the Flames? Yes. Was it the main reason? No. Matthews is the main reason. The Leafs have arguably 3 gamebreakers. The Flames have none. Dudes who will win you a game by getting a sliver of an opportunity.

For example, apparent 9million dollar man Elias Lindholm didn’t even hit the net on this chance.

No gamebreaker. Now, you don’t win Cups when 80% of your salary cap is devoted to 4 players, but you can win regular season games….

There was also an extended coach’s review before a coach’s challenge. Greasy move, but not against the rules. It negated a Flames goal. It slows down the game. It’s not good for a professional sports league to have a clandestine ‘war room’ review goals and inform the on-ice officials what to call. That happens nightly in the NHL and it needs to either stop or transparency.

Here’s the overturned tying goal.

What’s a hand pass?
byu/niftycrispy inCalgaryFlames

Now, that’s a hand pass in this league. It’s always called. It’s not intentional, but it’s called. Which suggests a rule change is in order because once again the complete lack of consistency from this game to the next.

It’s easy to blame refs, so that’s what we do, but for a professional sports league with betting dollars attached, officials that change the out come of games can’t happen as frequently.