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Category: NHL News

November Games Cancelled

Surprising nobody, NHL games for the entire month of November has been cancelled. The rumor is December we’ll see hockey. Most notable events around December Winter Classic where tons of money is thought to be changing...

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NHL Lockout

No hockey. Hooray :( But unlike TSN and their 6 hours of coverage of nothing in particular, we’re going to shut off the lights. No point covering the worse professional sports league when it comes to work...

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Jarome Who? Calgary 1 – Pittsburgh 3

Since Vancouver Calgary has turned around the ship in terms of defensive play (almost 100%) and offense (over 30 shots for the fourth game in a row). The folks not turning it on is the first line, in particular Jarome Iginla....

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Kevin Weeks BLOWS as a CBC colour commentator. He’s boring, he’s monotonous, he’s monotone, and he’s in love with the Canucks. HE sucked to start the season and most of the country doesn’t know what...

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