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Flames have dropped 3 of 4 versus one of the worst teams in the NHL at a time of year where they need points against sub .500 teams. This team is inconsistent, which for a team without an identity, IS their identity. But there...

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How Long till the Basement Comes?

The Calgary Flames are sliding fast…into the basement of the Western Conference. With few notable changes in the lineup from last year, the former Western Conference Champs are struggling to string together 60 minutes, let...

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Question Marks After 10 Game Mark

10 games into the 2019-20 season there are some questions for this year’s Calgary Flames. For one, is the lineup good enough? There were essentially no changes, minus James Neal, who is leading the league in goals, and a...

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5-1 Flames Stomp Detroit

Well how about that secondary scoring? The Flames have been missing lines 3 and 4 in the past week but a challenge by the coach over the weekend seems to have temporarily changed things. As the top line looks about average, the...

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Flames Beat Flyers After Tough Weekend

Back in the win column for the Calgary Flames after taking a beating in a 3 game road swing through the Southern US. Las Vegas featured a blowout, San Jose another loss. The team was floundering, looking for some sense of effort...

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