Craig Conroy is back, obviously to bolster our centermen. This is an interesting move as Langkow has been producing well on the 1st line, Lombardi is flash on the second, and Yelle on the third. What does this mean for the team? Perhaps Sutter knows he can’t sign speedy Lombo and Huselius in two years time and will trade one soon?

Before the season ended in 2004 Conroy said he wanted to stay, keep the kids in Calgary and hang out with Gelinas on the same street. However, Sutter didin’t want to pay the guy an extra few hundred thousand so off to LA he went. Conroy posted great numbers his first season there, but since has tapered off in the offence.

No word on what draft picks will be sent LA’s way, but one thing is for sure, Conroy will play tomorrow against his old team :P Nice to see him back, he’s a classy guy, but where will he fit? Yelle to 4th line with Frisen and Ritchie? Conroy C on the third line with Amonte and ????