The Calgary Flames were looking to extend a four game win streak and win back to back road games. The team hasn’t one back to back on the road since November. Would the lowly Blues be the easy two points this team needed?

Things started off alright, the Flames dominating 5v5 play, as per normal. The second line with Moss-Langkow-Huselius were absolutely phenomenal in the first, creating opportunities every time they were on the ice. The same cannot be said for the rest of the team.

Conroy Forgets to Show Up….Again

Yet again, the worst players on the ice were the best. The top line was absolutely junk in the first period. Craig Conroy was played one good game this season, the first after the trade, and has been a complete liability since. He can’t score, can’t pass, can’t collect passes, can’t win draws, and always looses men in the defensive zone.

The first goal was a result of some nice passing from the Blues top line, who posses the only firepower that team has. Soon after, Dvorak would make it 2-0 off a long point shot that caught Miikka off guard. If you watch Kiprusoff after saves you’ll notice he’s in no hurry to get back into to the play. Tonight he was literally caught sleeping deep in his crease, causing a bad goal to put the team down 2-0.

Back to Conroy. The guy needs to be much better defensively especially with his two inept line mates who are just as bad if not worse. I have literally watched Conroy closely in all of the road games and the man is clearly unprepared for games. Somebody needs to sit him or shake him up.

The second period would see more Flames domination 5v5, and more stupid penalties. Yes, the refs were poo, but the Flames forced them to make calls. But a better descriptor of the second was: “what does it take!”.

Kiprusoff was forced to make 2 good saves in the second, the rest was glorious chance after chance for Calgary. Igilna started things off with a breakaway–no goal. Amonte breakaway–no goal. Primeau post, Amonte open net–no goal. Two more powerplay chances–no goals. FINALLY, with one minute left in the second Iginla cashed in with an assist off Tanguay’s goal.

The Flames dominated, but could they actually score? Off to the third period where we saw something we don’t often see, a comeback road win. One minute into the period, the man we’ve been flaming, Craig Conroy, scores a lucky goal to tie the game. Calgary would continue to exploit the weakness in the St. Louis armour.

Conroy! You Showed Up for a Period!

To add injury to insult another short-handed tally was registered, this time courteously of a Wayne Primeau breakaway. And look, wouldn’t you know, Conroy scores again off another gift from Iginla. A three point night for Iggy and Conroy pots his chances. Well that’s one thing he’s good for…. But I still stand by the rest of the comments :P

Notes: Zyuzin factored in again, Girodano say, Hale has yet to suit up. Godard sat and Ritchie factored into the lineup.