Jarome Iginla Scores 50 for Second Time

Iginla 50
Just for a moment something weird happened in Vancouver. Despite chanting ‘Calgary sucks’ for most of the game, canuck fans cheered for the Flames, maybe even twice, but only for a moment. A meaningless game for the hometown team points wise, the game had a number of other highlights that one rarely sees in the game of hockey. The two main events that took center stage weren’t the game itself but Iginla’s chase for 50 and Trevor Linden’s possible final game in the NHL.

Calgary opened the scoring in the first with a David Moss goal off a nice feed from Nystrom. A new third line was put together with Yelle and Conroy out with injuries. The line would produce 3 goals on the night. Vancouver answered back with one of their own and 17 shots in the opening period. But Calgary answered right back 20 seconds later and never looked back scoring 6 unanswered goals.

The game took on a soft river hockey feel with hits few and far between and literally no bad blood between the arch-rivals. Calgary scored 3 unanswered goals in the second with Tanguay, and Boyd cashing in. Vancouver folded after the first but they were still keen on focusing defensive attention on Iginla who was searching for goal number 50 on the year.

Calgary double shifted Iginla starting late in the second as he tried to make history. Thankfully, and from the unlikely partner of Nystrom, Iginla found the back of the net late in the third. Iginla finishes the season with a career high 98 points.

For a brief moment some Vancouver fans will have to admit they clapped, perhaps, after Iginla’s 50th. However, despite the spanking, it was the post-game antics that took center stage. The three stars tell it all: 3rd – Nystrom, 2nd – Iginla , 1st Linden. Trevor Linden first star of the night with zero goals and zero assists.

Perhaps his last game in the NHL, the home crowd consistently serenaded their hometown hero with applause starting in the warm up, moving to the beginning of the third, and ending with a loud ovation at the end of the game. Despite the hatred shared between the two clubs, for a moment the guard was dropped and the Flames paid their respects to the outgoing Linden after the game.

Iginla Linden

It was weird to see–great to see admittedly–but out of place nonetheless, that the Flames and a Canuck would shake hands in a public place. But, it seemed fitting that after the beating laid by Calgary that they should stick around and be a part of a celebration rarely seen in our game of hockey. Kudos to the Flames for coming out, beating the Canucks bad, even coming out for the three stars, and sending a high five to a solid vet of the game.

Just remember, next the two teams meet, don’t expect the respect.

Notes: Iginla had a three point night and Nystrom had a four point night with 2 goals and 2 assists.
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