Embarrassed Flames Shame Fans Again

You would think that in the very least, making hundreds of thousands of dollars would entail some effort on the ice. The most expensive D line in the NHL failed to throw hits or stop sustained Blackhawk pressure. The forwards from lines 1-4 struggled to figure out how to forecheck, and the powerplay, let’s just not talk about the terrible PP.

The Flames, fresh off a poor effort in Columbus Saturday night, had an opportunity to forget the outing and start fresh Sunday evening in Chicago. The first ten minutes of the game saw Calgary, flat footed just like Columbus, get six minutes of powerplay time and barely got off a shot. Chicago got a quick two minute penalty because of their quick feet, and they capitalize. 1-0 Chicago and another night where the Flames would get beat by honest hard work.

Hardwork paid off for the Blackhawks, they finished the period with a 2-0 lead (could have been much more if it weren’t for big saved by Kipper) and Calgary had nothing even with 12 minutes on the PP.

The second period Calgary had chances on another PP attempt but came up short, the top two lines couldn’t even muster a shot. Blackhawks respond by dominating the play down low to score and put them up 3-0. Calgary had more powerplay time late in the second but their problems continued with the Blackhawks getting most of the chances shorthanded. Dion Phanuef the cause of most of them with his unwillingness to pass and play defense.

Consistently, tonight the kids of Moss and Boyd were the best Flames offensively and Kipper the best on D. The kids on the other side of the ice embarrassed Calgary vets making them look like a bunch of minor league dropouts rather than million dollar NHL players. Late in the second Boyd scored to draw the team within two, however, Keenan refused to give the two additional ice time despite drawing penalties and scoring. keenan also decided to finally put Iggy back with Bertuzzi and Langkow in the third when nothing mattered.

Coming into the third Calgary didn’t maintain any momentum and looked again like a bunch of minor league players. Dion Phaneuf returned to his ‘WTF, I’m playing defense???!’ and let Jordan Toews walk bast the hash marks and score to give Chicago. 10 second later the top line was schooled by a line of 19 year old; Iginla looked like a fool along with Giordano and bang, 5-1 Hawks.

Prust tried to kickstart things, two periods to late (let’s see Roy or is he hurt?) He put the team behind with another penalty. Another fight for Prust with five minutes left and he takes a penalty. Hawks score, Calgary sucks.

Flames 0-6 on the PP for the night, ONE SHOT IN THE THIRD PERIOD. That is all. No point covering a team that can’t even show up for games.

Notes: Quiet night for Iggy yet again. Who could blame Iginla for barely hitting, going into corners, crashing, banging, shooting. He can barely receive a pass from his linemates. Conroy (-2 tonight), the number one center? That might be the problem.