Take a look back on our posts, be it Tampa, Atlanta, Toronto, St. Louis, any sub-.500 the Calgary Flames, supposedly a division leader, keep losing in a big way, giving up if you will, to terrible hockey teams. What makes it even worse for fans is the Flames loose to teams that Vancouver beats.

Just last night, meaning St. Louis was playing the second game in as many nights, Vancouver took two points from St. Louis to draw within two points of the Flames. Calgary on the other hand dropped their chance to extend their lead to five points tonight.

In fact, the way the Flames are playing down the stretch they have no business winning the division and barely play good enough to beat teams battling for a playoff spot (in fact tonight they lost).

The losing ways have started from the back and move to the front. Today, it was no different, the top line sucked on defense and the defense sucked on defense lead by Dion Phaneuf.

Dion Phaneuf defends with with one hand on the stick and at 60% speed. He’s either hurt or lazy. Lazy is bad because playoffs are around the corner and the team can’t even beat the worst teams in the NHL.

His crappy defense started in the first, unfortunately on the power play. 1 on 1 he barely challenged the oncoming St. Louis attacker, gave him the shot, and then let him get his own rebound. No effort whatsoever and a short-handed goal against.

The top line chipped in twice in the second to give the Flames the lead, but they were also -1 (on the ice for 2 of the 3 goals.)

Calgary didn’t help themselves by registering their first third period shot 13 minutes in, and then Kipper letting in a soft goal which was the eventual game winner. Nothing is meshing for the team, albeit they’ve had injuries, their basic gameplan has fallen by the wayside.

At this rate, Calgary, incapable of generating consistent offense, but more importantly, can’t play defense, Vancouver will be ahead of the Flames by next week. Sucks, when the team has talent but they choke.

Bold prediction. If play doesn’t improve. First round exist in six games versus Chicago. Ouch.

Notes: Langkow is still hurt, he doesn’t take draws and played only 11 minutes.