The Calgary Flames have put the rumors to rest by unveiling their third jersey today to commemorate their 30th year as a franchise. The Jersey looks similar to the old Flames away jerseys from the late 80’s. There won’t be much of a difference so folks who still have their away jersey from the glorious cup run of ’89 will suddenly be extra cool again. Thank goodness they stuck with the nostalgic feel and didn’t opt for some ridiculous oil drop or cartoon….

Pictures to come.
flames third jersey

From the Calgary Flames:

The Flames who wore the original versions of the retro jersey endeared themselves to their fans by consistently giving their all, playing hard-nosed, gritty hockey with enviable results. With the stated goal of this season a return to the style of play that brought the Flames success in the past, and expectations of similar success rampant, perhaps it is fitting that this year’s team also looks the same as the classic squads of the 1980’s.