Garbage Again

Technically Chicago is a better team than SJ if you take a look at the current standings. If thats’ the case you should expect the Flames to loose 11-1 instead of 9-1 like they did Monday.

Sutter did not change the lines one bit, that meant the same struggles. Iginla with two third line checkers (Glencross and Conroy), and Regehr with Phaneuf for the weakest 1-2 in the game.

The Flames looked shaky to start, like a fragile team that could only get 5 first period shots. Nothing was going right except this time the home crowd was around to see a team full of overpaid underachievers dusted with a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners.

Nigel Dawes was lost two shifts in after Jordan Toews ran interference on him running him into the boards. What I don’t get, is that if it was Dion Phaneuf doing the EXACT same play it would be 5 minutes and game misconduct. Instead the refs called nothing and Calgary losses the player for the game. *Shakes head*.

During the second the 29th best powerplay in the league (second last) got a chance to put up some numbers. They didn’t get a shot. The numb nuts referees then missed a four minute penalty for high sticking when Bouwmeester was high sticked in the face.

Jarome Iginla through two periods looked terrible, losing the puck against the boards and forgetting to get t he damn puck out of the zone. Phaneuf looked hardly better coasting along in his own end much to the chagrin of fans.

Chicago on the other hand, first PP after Glencross committed a LLLAAAZZZZY penalty, scored easily on the wayward Flames.

Calgary did finally respond late in the second when Jamie Lundmark put away–get this–a powerplay goal to tie the game.

Third period was the same old Flames, well much like the last two months. Lost almost every draw, Iginla totally invisible, Phaneuf booed by the home crowd, bad giveaways, etc.

Chicago took the lead after a bad defensive giveaway and a lucky bounce, but hey, what more can you expect from a team that barely got 20 shots off the entire game?

Although this game wasn’t as bad as 9-1, the SAME Flames came to the rink. The only difference was Kiprusoff bailed them out on 5-6 occasions.

It’s now time to start demanding answers, and at this point it sits squarely with the Sutter’s and their pet project that is going horribly awry.

Calgary put a bit of pressure on Chicago but it’s SO VERY CLEAR that Calgary is a team that’s loaded on defense (Giordano is the top scoring defencemen, Phaneuf and Bouwmeester are worthless right now), and third liners who are expected to score at least once in a while but can’t even do that.

Notes: Dawes did not return after taking an unexpected hit in the first period that went uncalled. Sjostrom back in the lineup.