I could go on and on about how cheap the win was against the Flames tonight but nobody would care. Tampa Bay (and Florida) exists in America’s wang where nobody gives a damn about hockey so covering those games is pointless.

Nonetheless here is a quick run down of the game:

1) Rene Bourque lost after one shift after taking a cheap shot to the head. I will say it AGAIN, the NHL is a JOKE of a professional league because it’s the last sport that PERMITS and ENCOURAGES shots to the head (and thus decreasing the careers of players). The hit Bourque took was clean–he was smoked by a player coming out of the box–but the lack of respect on ice and no head shot rule means a clean hit is not only unpenalised but you lose players. Bourque didn’t return.

2) Kotalik threw a nice hit on the ice, but apparently nice hits (this wasn’t even that ‘hard’) need to be ‘punished’. Kotalik had his first fight, yes a fight, as a Flame, but was thrown out of the game for not having a tie down. I don’t understand that stupid rule either if someone instigates a fight and you don’t have a tie down…. I digress.

3) The same suspects don’t score, Iginla namely, Langkow, Higgins (since NY), and so on.

4) Defensively the Flames are looking slightly better giving up fewer shots and goals. The only problem is, they don’t score. So part of the equation is better, but the scoring part, the reason why we dumped Phaneuf, is in need of a tune up.

Next up Ottawa. Calgary did not gain any ground on Colorado or Vancouver as both teams won their games (and have games in hand).