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Looks like despite holding 25 forwards the Calgary Flames have opted to move and solidify their backup goalie position acquiring Vesa Toskala from the Anaheim Ducks. Details and confirmation to come. Confirmed by Fan960 and TSN.

Still not sure where the money comes from or where all these forwards are going to go!

** Update **

Money wise Harding’s salary is about 95,000 more than McElhinney so the cash isn’t that much more. I do think it’s an upgrade on McElhinney, however. No word who will back up Calgary tonight against Minnesota. Maybe they’ll get me to go in.

There were no confirmation reports on Harding, that was us picking up rumors off of Twitter. What we know now as confirmed by TSN that Calgary has acquired Vesa Toskala from the Ducks. Toskala went to the Ducks from Toronto for Giguere. The move puts an additional 700000k this year to the Flames salary cap.

It also means the tandem from their days in San Jose are reunited. Kiprusoff and Toskala are also Finnish buddies, and by buddies I mean they probably aren’t even friends but they must know each other from back home, Finland is a small country isn’t it???? :P

The move certainly highlights Sutter’s expectation that the Flames will actually MAKE the playoffs. I would agree Toskala is an upgrade but he’s had a horrific season this year.