IT was anti-climatic to watch the Calgary Flames run around like a bunch of beer league bums especially after the treat we got from the Olympics. Calgary came back into the final stretch with a home date against Minnesota, a team theoretically behind them in the standings. The team should have been refreshed and full of energy. Instead it was like watching a minor league midget team tire as the game wore on attempting to figure out who their line mates were as they struggled to score.

Many have already said it, Darryl Sutter is an absolute failure as a GM because he’s never been able to find a #1 C to play with the team’s top threat Jarome Iginla. After a #1 goalie a #1 C is the main piece to your puzzle. Yet, Calgary has NEVER had one. Calgary will NEVER win a Stanley Cup without one. Calgary is probably not going to even make the playoffs with its current rag-tag team of misfits.

For fans, it’s all disheartening. Playoffs clearly out of reach with 20 games left. It’s also frustrating to watch the team being dismantled top to bottom in the FINAL 2/3 of the season. You know what that means? REBUILDING. Not sure why ownership would tolerate Sutter Rebuilding at this time, but it’s clear the towel has been thrown in and the team is worse off today then they were before the Olympic break.

Please prove me wrong, but the FLames won’t make the playoffs this year and barring major changes yet again in the off-season they won’t make it next year.

New faces will be in town, Steve Staois, an old due with another year left on his contract. He’ll certainly help, but it sucks when he’s gotta replace not sophomore Adam Pardy, but 3.6 million dollar man Cory Sarich who was absolutely terrible tonight.

There is no answer for the FLames. Nobody knows what to do and the scorers (assuming we had more than one) have no clue how to score. Throw in the towel fans, it’s almost done, there is little hope left (and no Toskala and his monster contract aren’t the answer).

Your thoughts?

Notes: Jay Bouwmeester continues his bottom basement season with a -3 performance. He’s playing very very badly and no adjectives can be added to describe his play as of late. Matt Stajan fresh off a new contract also proved the Toronto naysayers right—by putting in a -3 performance…… another waste of cash?