“If they don’t score on this powerplay we’re done.”

I said that 5 times.

I was right, it just took longer than expected.

Calgary can still make the playoffs but it’s going to be damn hard from here on in. They’ve lost too many games they need to win, and unfortunately at this point in the season, given their terrible first half, they need to win them all.

Calgary has come close twice, but a rash of injuries, posts, bad calls, poor special teams, have combined to give the points 2 out of a possible 4 points. If they win against SJ and Edmonton the trip then becomes 6 of a possible 8 which isn’t half bad. But the best they’re looking at is 8th and that means first round exit to Vancouver (what everyone expects…..)

Tonight, Calgary had opportunities to get ahead but they squandered them all.

I don’t know if it’s necessary, but point the finger to the top line. Iginla has 3 goals in the last 6 games. Again, it’s tough, but he needs to be above his game if the Flames have any chance. Can’t rely on overachievers like Glencross to score every night while playing second line minutes at a position he’s new to.

You ge tthe impression the Flames have hit a wall at the wrong time. All of the injuries down th emiddle, coupled with the complete absence of some players (WHO THE HECK IS MATT STAJAN?) and it’s not surprising the FLames have little in the tank left for the final drive.

Notes: Hagman left the game after being pushed from behind into the boards in the second. SJ next on Weds.