Why? Probably a salary dump. Calgary Flames have shed more salary by dumping Daymond Langkow’s 4.5 million salary in favour of a much lighter cap hit of 1.9 million. The new management is certainly putting their stamp on the team literally nixing many of the expensive contracts of the Darryl Sutter era. (Why wasn’t it Stajan though, oh right, no team is stupid enough to take him, mind you, Buffalo did take Kotalik….)

Flames fans have few reasons to be excited for the upcoming season, Langkow was one of them. A chance to play a full year with a top centerman might have been the edge the team needed. Instead, the logjam at the C position, including the aged Morrison and apparently David Moss, are the solutions for the Flames at C. I’m not sold.

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Is Backlund or MOrrison the answer to our C woes? Not even close. Although this provides cap space and depth behind Jarome Iginla at RW, I’m not sure it improves the team a whole lot, albeit we are now a few years younger.

Proponents of the trade suggest that Langkow was due for a 50 point season tops, not much help to the Flames at his price tag. For our sake I hope they’re right.

As one Twitter user said: Imagine what Phi, Was, Bos, Pit would’ve given 4 Langkow @ deadline. Feaster worked again.

Hindsight is 20/20 and we’ll never know what Feaster tried, but you can wonder about return….

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