What’s with Calgary and getting the short end of the stick when it comes to goal reviews? 2004. That’s all I have to say. Well this afternoon the Calgary Flames were looking for a win to back on track after a last second loss to NY on Thursday. The troubled Flames are parched for goals and so far nobody is stepping up.

Calgary was getting plugged by the typical boring Nashville style of play. Nashville goalie Rinne has never beat the Flames for some odd reason, not that this useful fact factored into the game where Calgary mostly dominated play but yet again couldn’t find way to capitalize on their chances.

The Flames are like an untalented child. You give them praise for all their hard work because that’s all they’re good at. No skill, no wins, no creativity. Only co-ed rec league players deserves praise for ‘just being there’. Million dollar hockey players shouldn’t be praised for controlling pretty much every aspect of the game, as was the case this afternoon, yet fail to win and even score a single goal.

Doesn’t matter if you play a ‘solid game’ if there’s no pucks going in. Calgary thought they’d scored their first when the fourth line centered by Roman Horak appeared to score in the second but the on-ice official waved it off, and then the goal review was unsuccessful.

Here’s me with my crappy PVR and a CELL PHONE and I can clearly see that it’s in. Don’t you see white between puck and goal-line?

Word from the street is the goal was disallowed because it was never reviewed as a goal to begin with. The ref made a call calling ‘minor goalie interference’ which means it didn’t matter what the puck did in the end (it was in).

With some added lines to show the puck and the goal line.

Made no diference. Calgary dropped another game and look lame on the ice. Actually check that. They looked really good. They controlled play, they had tons of chances but ran into a hot goalie, but at the end of the day I forget about all that ‘good’ stuff because ‘good stuff’ doesn’t win hockey games. Right now I’m losing my bet, the Flames are poised to finish in the bottom 3 of the Western Division. If you think there’s still ‘time’ just remember they’re off to a worse start than last year and they managed to turn things around from December on. We’re pretty much one month away from no playoffs yet again.

Notes: Sarich in, Babchuk out yet again. PP suffers still, so you’d think Babchuk could get in?