Well the Flames ended the season with two wins, but overall it’s one of the worst in recent memory. Calgary chalked up a measly 90 points good for 10th (or 9th) in the Western Conference.

There were a few bright spots throughout the year, we’ll cover that in a post-season article. For the most part it was biter disappointment that should lead to some of the most turnover in the lineup during the off season in some time.

This afternoon’s tilt was boring for all the normal reasons. Two teams playing for no purpose, afternoon game, everyone looking for a quick exit.

Akim Aliu obviously had different ideas.

Playing in his second game since being called up from the AHL, Aliu was auditioning for next season. With something to prove he had a bit of jump into his step. He threw some big hits in the first to liven everyone up, drew a few penalties, and oh by the way, scored not his first, but two goals to hel pthe Flames to victory.

I do’nt think Akim is anything more than a forth line energy player, but it’s nice to see him along with some of the other call ups show some enthusiasm in the ancient Flames line up.

Karlsson got his first win since January of 2011 as he closed out the season in goal. Will be interesting to see where he lines up next year.

Calgary gave the local fans something to cheer about, leaving the season off with a slightly better than bitter taste in the mouth, at least for the immediate short term (as in this Saturday).

What happens from here on in, well it’s anybody’s guess and it seems everyone’s open to anything no matter how drastic.

Thanks for the subpar season Flames. I mean that with all sincerity.