Surprising nobody, NHL games for the entire month of November has been cancelled. The rumor is December we’ll see hockey. Most notable events around December Winter Classic where tons of money is thought to be changing hands. THe issue I have with that is it’s merely one event that only benefits a handful of teams. Yes, the league itself will get a big boost in ratings and attention, but the league as a whole doesn’t necessarily see that benefit. So I do’nt think the Winter Classic is necessarily the lynchpin in the whole operation.

Another thing we haven’t observed is any notable shift in fan perceptions. For the most part fans seem to be on the players’ side, or at least in-different. You rarely find someone lamenting on how ‘overpaid’ players are to play a game. Although that’s true, at the end of the day bad owners signed bad contracts that they’re trying to reneg on and that’s wrong.