Calgary had all the opportunities to win this game but defensive breakdowns and a complete lack of offence meant yet another road loss.

Double Standards: Protect the Goalies

Most fans will be lambasting the referees for their shoddy calls all game. True enough, the refs were abysmal, in one simple area–protecting the goalies.

The referees as a whole seems to have a level of cowardice when calling goaltender interference. Given the level of crease crashing one has to think it’s a directive from above to be relaxed in the crease. Now sometimes they get it right. Tanguay’s goal was waved off because he was parked in the crease. Fine, that makes sense, but twice Kiprusoff was run over and no calls made.

That’s pathetic and needs to be addressed.

The Flames on the other hand, nothing can save them now, and for once, fans are all in agreement: time to blow it up. Start with Feaster, move to Boumeester, and try to get return on Iginla. Throw in Kipper for good measure. But that’s another post.