Hey Calgary, Share Your Favorite Jarome Iginla Moments

Hey Calgary, Share Your Favorite Jarome Iginla Moments

Let’s remember the good times! Submit your favorite Iginla moments, videos, or pictures, and we’ll post them to share with the rest of the community. You can submit your moment anonymously. You can also leave a comment below and we’ll amass some great anecdotes about #12.

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If you have pictures it’s best to upload them to services such as IMGUR.

Fan Notes and Memories

Jarome Iginla will always be rememberd by Calgarians because he was
the landmark of Calgary and a trademark of the Calgary Flames. The
eversmiling Captain will be remembered for his pleasant personality
and attributes and what he had done for the Flames. More importantly,
Jarome’s vivid expression is fondly remembered when Calgary Flames
lost the 2004-5 quest for Stanley Cup championship! Yes, through tears
he had spoken to die-hard fans in attendance at the rally, providing
them with hope and reassurances – at that time it felt that he will be
a permanent fixture within the Flames organization – and Calgary
Flames fans passed the years holding to that hope.

-From Anar

Iginla and Gelinas, standing in front of Curtis Joseph after eliminating the Wings in the second round in 2004.

– Kevin

One thought on “Hey Calgary, Share Your Favorite Jarome Iginla Moments

  1. I like many habitually hate on flames management for mortgaging our future leaving us in the terrible position were in now. But on second thought if you consider when our core (ie iggy, kipper, regehr, and phaneuf) were in their prime, 2006-2009 really was our window to win. Can you really blame management for going for it? They brought in amonte, mccarty, jokinenen, camalleri, etc. they really gave the team every chance to win…. It’s the players who didn’t get it done. Do you agree?

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