Kiss the playoffs goodbye. We knew they were out in December, but the Flames are simply a bad hockey club. For a myriad of reasons, this team team won’t be in the post-season. Right now, the main reason is there is zero secondary scoring. That’s how far away this team is from competing for a championship–they are HALF a team away. SIX forwards (I would get ride of the entire 3rd and 4th lineup) need to replaced, but in reality we’ll probably have to put up with it for the remainder of the season.

Stajan, Colbourne, Jones, Bouma, Ferland, Jooris, right now all playing like deadweight. When you have Brandon ‘Franchise’ Bollig waiting in the wings, you know you have a problem with depth and scoring. Ah well, at least we can watch Gaudreau do the odd dance at the blueline, that’s exciting at least.