The Calgary Flames played in there third game of the regular season with some teams, like the Vancouver Canucks, only starting their season tonight. fit team I played a factor late in the game and, but it doesn’t cover up the fact this team looks lost. If it’s not goaltending then it’s offence. Tonight Vancouver scored all three goals. They scored on themselves on a delayed penalty, they scored late in the third to tie the game, and then they scored the only shootout goal.

Calgary struggled to generate offence, shored things up on D, and looked great in goal, but you can’t win games if you can’t put the puck in the net. At least this happened.

Two games against the Edmonton Oilers and you could make the excuse that it was McJesus beating the Flames. Well now we’re three games in, against arguably the league’s worst team, and the show was abysmal.

The only bright spot? Dennis Wideman didn’t play.

Top to bottom this lineup still looks as though the can’t put their finger on the new coaching scheme. It’s in a 82 game season, which is why there’s no point losing our minds now, but it doesn’t make the kind of game the team plays any more bearable to watch.

There’s no rest in sight as the compressed schedule continues at home Tuesday against Buffalo.