Calgary is the only team that can play against the Division’s best team, lead with 1.5 minutes left in the game, and lose 4-2. Nobody else has the capacity to have a massive collapse like the Flames. Sitting out of a playoff spot, a win would vault them to second in the division and 8 points back of the Vega Golden Knights. Tonight’s loss puts them in 10th.

What separates elite teams from the rest is quite simply mental toughness. Calgary put in a fantastic game for 58 minutes, and fell apart in the last minute. A miscue between Frolik, who returned to the lineup after missing a month with a broken jaw, gave the Golden Knights the tie, and then 10 seconds later they squandered that for the loss.


WHat’s more pathetic? Dave Cameron’s PP.

Terrible yet again.

In fact, the only answer Dave Cameron and GG have? Put Troy Bouwer on the ice.

It didn’t work, at all.

This game shows that the Flames are missing pieces, can’t win games consistently, but can lose consistently, now 5 in a row. They won’t have it any easier with Tampa Bay in town Thursday.